Willie Dunn

 Willie Dunn Senior,
Seymour’s grandfather

There are 3 Willie Dunns:

  1. William Gourlay Dunn – aka Gourlay Dunn/ William Grahame Chambers – who is my (Deb Fitzpatrick) great grandfather, son of Tom Dunn, grandson of Willie Dunn Senior and brother of Seymour Dunn
  2. Willie Dunn Junior – who is uncle to Seymour and son of Willie Dunn Senior and brother to Tom Dunn &
  3. Willie Dunn Senior – who is father to Tom Dunn & Willie Dunn Junior and grandfather to Seymour Dunn.

I have attached an image of Willie Dunn Junior, Seymour’s uncle. I obtained this online from a Howard Schickler – the 1894 label I believe refers to his US Championship win & not the date of the photo which is obviously much later than that.
Deb Fitzpatrick